Friday, March 27, 2009

You might want to change your perception on beauty

We go through the magazine from page to page, looking at beautiful girls and wonder ''how do these people get flawless skin, big eyes, high cheek bone, plump lips and all the other great features we can think of"...little do we know what we see isn't always the real thing...celebrities and actress and singer they're only human and they're just like us they do have zits and flaws here and there however with the help of the best make up artist and technology every thing is fixed and then we looked at them and praised them for they're perfect beauty that never really exist..somehow the ''no one's perfect'' phrase never get through our head right? like miss aguilera says, we are beautiful no matter what they say and words can't bring us down so don't let words bring you down because the ever lasting beauty is the beauty that comes from within. =) for the record here's some more.

Cherlize theron

Cameron diaz

Renee zelweger

Kate Moss

Drew barrymore

Jessica alba's not bad though except a little chubbier and check out that tiny zits.


fee. said...

secret reveal!
xsangke kan make up boleh buat mcm2 :D

Miss Syarifah Syarina said...

a'ah mmg pon lain kan muke diorang?

Anonymous said...

lain giler!