Friday, March 13, 2009

Behind it all

These are some of the pictures taken in 07 and 08 and all the nuts stuff we did during last 2 years of high school.keep in mind that everyone is either 16 or 17 by this time.

from left :me (they call me nenek),qila(lala is her cyber name..haha),wey,fa,and feefafu...ergh high school is crazy...we even have a theme song! it goes like this...selambe nenek,selambe fafa lalalala,feefafu kau selalu betanya tanya....thats it we got bored of that song and stopped singing it but then we switched to jenny by click five..

We're at cik qila's home and got bored at some point after hours and hours aaand hooouurs of talking...we really never stop talking whenever we meet.then we did this!

See that girl at the back? she's on her way to do another of her mischievous act and about to get wistled at by the's what happen..we were taking pictures and doing crazy poses and she thought 'hmm that tembok looks like a strategic place for another awesome pose' and so without an ounce of rationality she went to the tembok and starts climbing (bad idea)...then 'prit priiit turun turun'..hahahahahahahahahaha...the rest was history.

inspired by the tv series 'tentang bulan' accept now its tentang matahari...encik aqmal snapped the picture and is so mad about him not being in it...miss that crazy fella alot.

inspired by the tv series 'One Three Hill' and done by 5 co0lest people.preety in pink miss nadiah nadzirah,in white miss aqilah (amboi maskulin nye pose),in red miss afifah,in green..the hulk...hahaha nope its miss nodiazafluz (spell it backwards)..and in!

from left feefe,me,qila or is it yana,zulfa,thiva,fathiah and ashvini.

w00h0! love this one!its so c0ol when u jump and your tudong stays on.

think this is an act? nope my friend these girls shopped till they drop! haha..

0oih this thing happens alot you know when everyone tries to squeeze in so that they fit the screen.

tak jadi! the real situation is i was throwing a coin in that pond and made a wish (which also never came true).

make a guess..which one is qila,me and feefa...hahaha i love our magnetic shoes.we never had it during primary school (they haven't invented it i think) so we say what the hack lets get one now!

bios-logos lab!

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