Tuesday, April 28, 2009

wish me luck!

im going for marticulation in changlun kedah its like hujung dunie and nearby thai but what the heck u never try u never know. people tell me it s hard blablabla i know it is but come to think of it nothing great comes easy in this world so ya im kinda fed up of hearing people nagging when they should be encouraging me instead.i mean i KNOW very well that its hard and im terrified no doubt.but come on people do u expect things to be easy and still get five figure sallary in the end?.anyway i got some inside scoop about matriculation and they say that there'll be 4 main subjects namely biology,chemistry,math(which is more like addmaths but way harder) and english.ya allah! im sooo scared like my hair is standing coz i utterly DO NOT remember much about those subjects so i have to look through all the chapters before going.haaaaa takot.Bio i think i'll be able to find a freakin way to cope but chem and especially addmaths will be a little problem coz i basicly HATE addmaths!!

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Anonymous said...

betol nek!
law xtry cam ne nak tau susah ke senang,
gud lux nek!
wey asal dah lame xcontact aku ar??
xrindu aku ke??